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Calendars - It's a New Year

In keeping with some of the quirkiness of our way of life this is how we handle picture calendars. ---

This year, shortly after the stroke of midnight Robert replaced the 2007 picture calendar on the refrigerator with a brand new 2008 calendar. And they he filed the old one in the pile of old calendars which I made him count: 10 was the answer. (It was hard to tell the stroke of midnight because the 2 cell phones, Robert's wrist watch, the VCR, two new inside-outside temperature gauges that are being tested, and the thermostat that were all in the room where we were had slightly different times; and the TV was off and I didn't look at my laptop or PalmPilot)

Now, why would we have calendars when we don't look at them and don't write on them? Because they are there. I get one or two a year from organizations like the Wilderness Society and they certainly have nice pictures. Also Robert's parents always gave us one for a Christmas present although this year they didn't do it.

Now why would one keep old calendars? Because they can be reused! In Gloucester where we are only there for 6 months we wouldn't get to see the winter months anyway and we'd barely see the summer months in Cambridge. To use an old calendar you just find a month that starts on the correct day, write over the month name and cross out any holidays and moon phases and you are set. Sometimes a 31 has to be added or crossed out. Oh and there is a pile of at least 10 calendars in Gloucester as well.

Perhaps a more elegant solution would be to save two sets of the 14 unique calendars and then there'd always be a correct one but that doesn't allow for seeing the out-of-season pictures.

Maybe it's time to throw some away.
Tags: humor
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