JWG (jwg) wrote,

My new phone

I bought a new phone. It is a Verizon (UTS) XV6800 running Windows Mobile 6. What with new-every-two years and rebates it only cost $200. And it supports WiFi too. (I had finally decommissioned my Windows machine so that didn't last long). It is to replace my phone as well as the half dead Sony Palm Pilot (screen messed up). I bought a copy of Missing Sync which is used to synch it and my iMac. And after a bit of fighting with bluetooth (my first attempt at using it that seems to work and it is a bit cranky). So I can get rid of a couple of more pieces of wire attached to my computer.

The first thing I had to do was to merge my OS X Address Book, my Palm Address list and the phone numbers on my old phone. I had to get the stuff from my old phone by hand. It is now done so that was a good cleanup project.

Now to develop a strategy to move over some of the calendar entries from the Palm Software to iCal and the phone. I like to have some of the old history and it goes back to 1997 but I have over 5000 entries (some of which have been duplicated or triplicated in the past for some reason for poor software (perhaps a date problem - I noticed a few entries from 1947).

And now I have a little camera to carry around in my pouch too since my prior phone had no camera. Here is a neighborhood flamingo with christmas decorations.
Tags: cambridge, humor

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