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And then came the floods...

It is raining pretty hard today but that wasn't the cause of the flood.

It was breakfast time, and the first batch of waffles was in the iron, rsc had started his laundry which is in the room next to the kitchen and was pouring the orange juice, I was putting some stuff away, there was some nice music was on 'GBH, when I realized I was hearing an unusual sound from the next room. It took a few moments to get my brain into gear (not having had any coffee yet) and I looked into the room to see a flood. The drain hose had come off the washer and it was spewing water all over the floor. I sloshed in to take a look and hit the stop button after a moment's pause for this to register. There was about a 1/2 inch of water on the floor. I discovered that it wasn't quite level to my surprise since this was a new addition to the house a few years ago, the rest of the house is definitely not quite level.

I took off my wet slippers and socks, and rolled up my pants and got to work. The water was warm and a bit soapy since the machine was at the end of the wash cycle so wading was confortable. I started with a sponge mop, but that would have taken all day. Then I remembered there were a couple of empty plastic gallon jugs being saved for kitchen compost collectors on the top of the fridge (it's in this room). I cut the top of one and started using it as a bailing device. Shortly after, when Robert had rescued the one cooked waffle, and put breakfast in standby mode he joined in. He made another bailer although he had a bit of trouble figuring out how to make it work (one of the disadvantages of a Harvard education instead of an MIT one). A few buckets later we had most of the water gone. I sent him off to get a couple of towels and we finished it up. We had to move the fridge since there was water under it and it was the lowest spot. When I looked in the washing machine there was no water left so it had all made it onto the floor. Under the floor is an unfinished ceiling over a crawl space on a concrete slab with fiberglass insulation some of which had fallen off so if any water leaked through it wouldn't be a problem. The floor is covered with a solid piece of sheet vinyl so probably none leaked through anyway.

The floor needed mopping anyway.

The waffles were delicious.

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We should have known we were in for a rough day when the Globe was delivered without a comics section. It makes me almost afraid to watch today's Red Sox game, especially after yesterday when. immediately after jwg broke a martini glass, the Sox blew their third (and last) lead of the day.

Not to mention the fact that, after going out to get that defective newspaper, I wondered if turning the page on the calendar would reveal that it was suddenly November.

We had a similar event here on the ranch, but it was a leak in the cold water hose into the washer.

It makes me almost afraid to watch today's Red Sox game

Well, I was right about that part. But nothing else bad happened today, and I did get my laundry done eventually.

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