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The path to remembering something

Some years ago I was a member of Quadrivium, a group that performed medieval and renaissance music with a bit of Shape Note singing too. We performed in the Boston area but the group is no longer in existence. In one concert series we did a Morris dance. Everytime I see morris or sword dancing such as rapper by Gay Blades I wonder idly what dance it was. The other day at dinner at pinkfish and fj's house with visiting Morris Dancer and Shape Note singer SL (who looks at some of the LJ postings, but isn't a member) there was of course lots of talk about Morris dance and Rapper. The Blades key musician is John Chambers and Dino reminded me of the existence of John Chamber's ABC tune finder.

Of course if you don't remember much about the tune it isn't very useful but the next day I played around a bit with tune fragments but found nothing appropriate in the searches. I sometimes get off on the wrong track thinking it is something about Peas so I checked that out, but found nothing that was correct. Gathering Peascods, a very nice tune that I have done English Country Dancing to, has almost the right sounding name but is not it. So I gave up again.

Then a few hours later I remembered. It was Bean Setting. That path in my brain between planting and harvesting finally connected. My recollection of the tune was somewhat off. I did discover that Thelwall Morris has a varient of Bean Setting called Brain Testing which seems appropriate.

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