JWG (jwg) wrote,

Double neck guitars

I saw some of Tom Petty doing the SuperBowl entertainment. Now, as should be obvious, I'm not into any forms of pop music or whatever it is called so seeing his guitar player with a two necked guitar surprised me since I've never seen such an instrument and I'm not sure of what is the point - I guess sometimes one neck has frets and the other doesn't.

There are some early instruments such as the arch lute which has what could be considered the end of a second neck protruding from the first for a second set of strings, but there is still just one finger board. Now that I think about it I might have seen a medieval instrument with two necks somewhere.

To me, the performance seemed to be all glitter and no art. From the distance the lighting and special effects were nice; a bit like a fireworks show with a different kind of noise. And the guitar-styled stage was clever. But the song I heard was dull. Once again I wonder about the crowd of fans surrounding the stand. Do they rehearse? Are there costume standards? Do they get to see the game?

The whole thing was pretty dull to me. Bring back the good old wardrobe malfunction?

Oh, and the ads were pretty stupid and unconvincing. And why would so many people go look at the web sites of advertisers during or right after the ad is shown? Of course I am not part of the target audience and don't care a bit about any of the products - I wouldn't touch any kind of Budwieser or vitamin-power-water (in the interests of full disclosure GoDaddy is my domain registrar). I think there is so much hype about the specialness of SuperBowl ads that the makers outdo themselves to a point of absurdity.

The game itself was pretty exciting and brutal although there were no serious injuries other than to the psyches of a lot of people. But why would someone pay $2000 or more for a ticket?
Tags: humor, music, sports

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