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on a trip to Providence

On Sunday's Providence trip with bitty, bubblebabble, and rsc to check out some stuff for motss.con.xxi I brought my camera but hardly took any pictures. I was going to take pictures of hotel lobbies/lounge space but didn't - I was too busy testing out their WiFi with my phone and I don't like its camera much anyway.

While walking past a theatre that I mistakenly thought was showing Jesus Christ Superstar (it was to be several weeks later) we ran into these native providencians.

The best thing I saw was this lovely lady in a store window (no we weren't in Amsterdam):

And this odd piece of debris:

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Welcome to Providence

And this odd piece of debris

Junior year at Brown, in preparation for the band banquet, a group of us were coming up with "senior gifts" to present to the departing seniors. As part of a silly joke (for a Wellesley tranfer, a reference to hoop-rolling) we decided we needed an automobile tire. "Where will we get an old tire?" I asked. Tuba-player Fred Stockton said, "This is Providence. The whole city is a junkyard." So we got in a car and drove up North Main Street until we found an empty lot and sure enough, there was an old tire.

By G-d, I miss Rhode Island.

[Why is every moment of my time at Brown 30 years ago this vivid?]

Re: Welcome to Providence

By G-d, I miss Rhode Island.

So we'll be seeing you in August?

What actually stood out is that so much of downtown (pardon me, "downcity") has been cleaned up and gentrified, but there are still these occasional abandoned lots that are testaments to Providence's past.

The next motss.con is in Providence? If so, when?

Apparently, this August; exact date TBD based on Waterfire schedule. bitty got stuck with is organizing it.

Most likely the weekend of August 2nd, since that's the August date we can get Waterfire to confirm. And Sunday we'll be heading to Newport (weather permitting), so if you want to daytrip it, there'll be beaches, and mansion tours, and probably a clambake :)
(Plus porcinea has made noises about attending with alexanderjasper; henrygrosvenor is a motss.con pro, and Season is considering coming with her kids, so you could bring the kids and they'd have playmates. Albeit they're a bit young for Morgan, I'd think. But still -- sandcastling is ageless.)

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