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Battle with OS X Finder finally won

Several days ago the Finder on my OS X PowerBook crashed and crashed each time I attempted to restart it. Everything else worked fine and the Finder worked OK on another User ID. I thought of transferring everything to that User ID, but then my local network would be a problem with file sharing so I didn't want to do that.

I did the usually stuff to fix priviledges, and check files, but that yielded nothing good. I didn't find much good advice about this problem on the Net. Using Terminal and Netscape to look at and occasionally delete plists, Cache directories, didn't change make any difference. The dumps in the Finder crash log didn't help because they gave no clue as to what file was being processed when the finder crashed. Then used Console and saw a message about a failure in reference to a plist belonging to a copy of Safari that was in my Trash. I remembered that this started soon after I installed a new version of Safari and trashed the old one. So I manually deleted the contents of my .Trash and now everything works fine.

What do ordinary mortals do? The standard advice is to reinstall the OS. Had I done that it wouldn't have made a difference since the problem was do to an application that I had installed. Although Safari is an Apple Ap, it is special and doesn't get recognized by Software Update - at least that is true for this machine.

All's well that ends well - and particularly since RedSox are back in first place after a spectacular comeback win over Milwaukee Saturday, and easy win Sunday as well as two Yankee losses at Wrigley. Yesterday's loss was the first Cubs win over the Yankees who had swept the Cubs in the 1932 and 1938 World Series. Kevin Millar (Sox) hit a spectacular pinch grand slam homerun on Saturday and two on Sunday. The announcers joked that they should rename the Milwaukee ball park from Miller Park to Millar Park.

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And Clemens is still at 299 :)

...which presumably can't last forever. Which is just as well, since I for one am getting rather tired of reading about it.

Of course, at no moment will I actually want him to win, since that also means a win for the Yankees.

It's more satisfying to watch him stumble.

The announcers joked that they should rename the Milwaukee ball park from Miller Park to Millar Park.

In fact, on ESPN's "SportsCenter" they showed a clip of Bill Mueller making a nice defensive play, followed by a doctored shot of the facade of Miller Park with the name changed to "Mueller Park"; then they showed clips of the Millar home runs and changed the facade to read "Millar Park".

[Note for the baseball-impaired: Bill Mueller plays 3rd base for the Red Sox, and his name is pronounced like "Miller"; Kevin Millar plays first base, and his name is pronounced "Millar".]

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