JWG (jwg) wrote,

A splendid trip to NYC - part2

Continuing... On Saturday we saw Britten's Peter Grimes at the Met. It is dark emotionally and on the stage with some very fine music. It was a good performance - it has been getting superb reviews, and we lucked out with some nice 3rd row near the center Grand Tier seats. Later we had dinner with theoctothorpe and danbearnyc at Havana Central which among other things serves quite potent Mojitos. After that we went to a japanese ice cream place and met up with some others including thornyc and boymeat - then we reconnoitered to the very nice St. Marks Bookshop in Union Square which turned out to be quite profitable for the store.

Sunday was brunch with cobrawoman, cobraman, and porcinea. After that we went to the Museum of Natural History. We went to the Africa exhibit to help prepare for our African trip in a couple of months. I can still remember seeing some of those dioramas when I was about 6 years old; they are really just amazing. We sat around in the Rotunda for a while - there are some fine Theodore Roosevelt quotes on the wall. Then we went to see the Big Bang and took a 13 billion year long walk.

For dinner we went to I Tre Merli, a very fine bistro in the village. I recommend it and we'll certainly go again. We had flash fried mushrooms and grilled octopus for appetizers; I had the most tender mustard encrusted lamb chops, rsc had horseradish encrusted salmon with a lemon carrot sauce. I notice that there are 4 instances of this restaurant. If there were 8 of them then they could serve blackbird pie.

On Monday we went to the Steinway Factory Tour and then Amtraked back home. Our train reservation was for the non-Acela, but when we saw that it was close to 2 hours late we upgraded and got home in reasonable time.

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