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Good timing on a Red Sox win

This afternoon the Sox were playing the Astros's and the game was tied up in the ninth when it was time to go with rsc to the theatre at the Gloucester Stage Company to see the Indian Wants the Bronx, an old Israel Horowitz one-act as well as two new shorties: A Mother's Love and Security. I checked my phone for the score just before the play started and then turned it off. I hate missing the end of critical games but the play must go on!

An hour and a half later when the plays were over I turned on my phone and checked the score. It was still tied up 2-2 at the beginning of the 14th inning. We went to the car to listen while finding a restaurant. l'Amante has turned into 197 E Main St so we parked near by and listened to the game. The Sox weathered a threat in the top of the 14th and in the bottom, a single by Walker, a surprise sacrifice bunt from Garciaparra (he'd had 3 doubles and a triple earlier in the game) which got Walker to 2nd and a nice grounder by Manny into the outfield scored Walker. And then we went to dinner having saved an 1 1/2 of agony while the Sox almost scored several times.

Dinner was good - I had cold pea soup, Robert had grilled Octopus, we both had Pork Tenderloin with gnocci and asparagus and beans, a glass of nice California Cabernet for each if us and we split a vanilla Creme Brule.

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