JWG (jwg) wrote,

Yosemite is gorgeous

We've been in Yosemite all day - tomorrow too. We have to leave early Wednesday to get back to Oakland for the afternoon RedSox Athletics game. Hopefully it won't rain even though it is somewhat forecast.

We left on Boston on Sunday. I checked the United web site about three hours before our flight was to leave and it said it was to be ~2 hrs late which would make us miss our Chicago connection. (I couldn't get a direct flight when I booked with my FF miles a few weeks before). I called them and they said they had already booked us onto a direct flight which was to arrive at about the same time as the original flight. It was a bit late because of headwinds but I was amazed that they had done this. Surprisingly they had not sent email or phoned even though I'd gotten a phone call a few weeks before that the return flight time had changed by a few minutes.

Lots of water is flowing over Yosemite Falls now - I saw some pictures of cases in the fall when it is dry, Having not brought my memory card reader I can't post any pictures 'til we get back.

And we are lookinf forward to the Queer Contra Dance Camp

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