JWG (jwg) wrote,

Spring is officially here

Spring is really officially here - not because of the temperature, but because of activities.

Yesterday we went up to Gloucester and rsc planted peas, he cleaned up some perennial beds, I put the water meter back in so we can have the water turned on, and I tilled two strawberry beds whose new plants are on order. So there!

And yesterday we went to our first game at Fenway Park. Unfortunately this was the one game that the Tigers won and it was long and cold (did I say that Spring was here?). Our record at games is 1 and 1 since the Sox did win the game in Oakland that we attended with vasilatos.

Spell checker gave as alternatives to vasilatos:
vacillates, Vasilis, Vasily's, Vasili's, basalts, violators, valuates, vaults, basalt's, Vassily's, silts, slats, vassals, vault's, violates, visitors, silt's, slat's, slates, valets, vassal's, visits, Vassili's, vacillate, valet's, varlets, Salado's, Valida's, varlet's, varsity's, slate's, visitor's.

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