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Herds of zebras

On the Serengeti we saw huge herds of zebra. This was migration time and we did run into a bunch that were on the way northwest. They often hang around with wildebeests whether migrating or not. Apparently zebras have great eyesight and poor sense of smell whereas wildebeests have a great sense of smell and poor eyesight so they make a good team especially to avoid lions. Apparently young zebras learn to recognize their mothers by the pattern of stripes. If you look closely you can see minor variations. This method could be thought of as prior art for Bar Code readers.

We did encounter a set of zebras drinking. They were quite skittish so suddenly they'd bolt out of the water and then rush back in again.

Sometimes they hang around in clumps, occasionally you'd see a pair each of which was resting its head on the other one.

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They are mesmorizing to look at. Just amazing.

I'm one of those people who deep in my heart believe that people of other languages, when you wake them up in the middle of the night, will actually speak English.

These zebras look like when they go home they take off their fancy outfits and are really just small brown horses.

Ok, I'm tired. but really... possibly? Great pictures

If you could hear them, you'd think donkeys rather than horses.

But they are truly beautiful creatures when they're wearing their stripes. There were so many of them that by the end fo the second day the presence of zebras didn't even rate commenting on, but I was always glad to see them.

To this and all the other pics you've posted, I can only say this:


That was some vacation.

Oh, baby, I want a zebra for my apartment! A baby zebra. Two zebras. A miniature zebra.

Thank you so much.

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