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Giraffes on the Serengeti and elsewhere

Giraffes were often seen in the distance. Sometimes they were standing there doing nothing, others were bent down grazing or reaching up into trees as they are designed to do.

Head and body with beautiful pattern (not the same giraffe):

And then there was this pair found in a shop at the Cultural Center. Many shops also had carved ones some of which were almost life size - not too convenient for carry-on luggage in the plane back.

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Most of these places offer to ship the item directly to your home, so that you can pay not only for the item but also for postage, packing, and customs duty.

But you don't have to try to stow it in your bag.

I love these pictures.

I have a giraffe fetish. Definitely my favoite mammal. Why i would even _have_ a favorite mammal is beyond me. But there you have it.

Oh John, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos!!! And it sounds like Africa is your friend. Yay.

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