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Cheetahs don't alway move fast

Somewhere in the Serengeti, some Cheetahs were found by another vehicle. We drove there and watched for a while to see them lying in the grass. Eventually they stirred, and then ambled away. We never saw any of them moving at their blazing speed.

Several days later in the Ngorongoro Crater we found another one. Note who is in the background and have been seen by this Cheetah.

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You really got some nice pictures. Animals in Africa have really nice outfits!

even with lunch (in natty black-and-white wrappings) that close by, they can't bestir themselves to go (swiftly) and fetch same? Lazy individuals!

(i'm quite fond of the teardrop line on a cheetah's face, I must allow)

What I love about the last picture is you can see from the grass precisely why the cheetah's spotting evolved as it did, how as prey it could be very difficult indeed to distinguish predator from grass.

Very nice observation.

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