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It's official!

It's official, the US government has declared me elderly! I got my Medicare card in the mail yesterday - they send them automatically to eligible people 3 months before their 65th birthday.

What do they know, anyway? How can I be elderly when I haven't even become middle-aged yet? I expected an orderly sequence here: A child, a Yuppy/Guppy, a middle ager, and an old folk - one step at a time. Of course I had gotten a prewarning about this event 15 years ago when the AARP started sending me my Modern Maturity subscription. What's this maturity thing - I haven't even decided what I am going to be when I grow up.

Of course, I'm happy to take the Medicare route. As a retiree from my company (Bull) I have been getting medical insurance at employee rates but that plan stops when I turn 65. Medicare costs just under $60 a month but has significant limits and deductibles and I can supplement it with First Seniority from Harvard Pilgrim, Secure Horizons from Tufts or several other disgustingly named HMOs for another 120-135 a month, one of which I will choose soon. This plan will be slightly worse than the one I get from Bull for $156 a month and similar to the $500 a month plan that ordinary citizen rsc who is unaffiliated with any company or government has to pay.

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Well, if you had just stuck to the sequence like your younger Boomer siblings, you could now be regretting the foolish choice you made at middle age of dumping Robert for a younger model like Dean, and you don't like the convertible anymore either.

I haven't even decided what I am going to be when I grow up.

Shouldn't that be "if"?

Thanks for the warning!

Have been getting those AARP notices when I turned 50 (Turning 52 this July - YiKeS!) this is what I got to look forward to!!!! LoL! in the same dilemma......don't know what I wanna be when & IF I grow up......anyway thanks for the advanced warning!
(I also was born an only child in NYC with no "Known" relatives 'cept for a niece & nephew in AZ. - I'm currently stranded in Hooterville - miss my smog & concrete!) )

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