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Motss Con XVI

Tomorrow, rsc, K, and I drive to Ithaca for the annual Motss con. We have been to the last 12 (in reverse order Los Angeles, Stockholm, Utrecht, Memphis, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Chicago, DC, LasVegas, Boston, Portland, Toronto). They are always lots of fun seeing old friends, soc.motss posters, some LJers, and meeting people I've never met. I don't post much in soc.motss nor even read it regularly these days but it is still part of my life. People whose soc.motss personalities are quite crusty often turn out to be much nicer than appears in the newsgroup which at times can be extremely mean spirited and full of nasty games playing. Soc.motss still is a source of personal, political, and entertainment news and is a good community in spite of some of its shortcomings.

The worst thing about the timeing is that the strawberry season here is tapering down, but isn't over. I picked a bunch more tonight (with some mosquito bites) and made some more jam with the damaged or slightly overripe ones and we're freezing a bunch for the winter. We did some extra watering and mulching to the garden since it will be hot this weekend with minimal chance of rain. Now its time for bed.

I'm looking forward to the con.

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