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In Memory - Anne L Gintell

It was 11 years ago today when my mother died at the age of 92. I wrote about her more extensively last year. This picture was taken ~1912 and sat on a table in the living room (in all such living rooms in the various apartments where we lived). It was always a favorite.

I still have a some of the artifacts of her life: pictures of her family, some jewelry and scarves, a few metal enameled candy boxes, all her old passports, some books. One of these days I will dig out some more of the pictures and scan them.

She used to visit us here in Gloucester for a weekend. She'd often remark about some of what she thought were clashing colors among adjacent flowers. Now when we plant stuff we can say that neither my mother or Robert's mother can complain.

Today, as it turns out we are going to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the El Greco to Velásquez exhibit which I'm sure she would have liked. We went to lots of museums in New York together.
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