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View of Toledo

One of my favorite paintings from the Metropolitain Museum of Art (NY) is in the El Greco and other Spanish painter show at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston (closing July 27). I'm a big El Greco fan and there were quite a few others in the show.

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That's really amazing. Never seen it. It's not what I think of at all when I think of El Greco. Must be one of his rare paintings that don't have human figures in them.

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We (jwg and I) saw it yesterday, after months of "We should get to that exhibit at the MFA one of these days". It's on till about July 27. It's worth seeing.

El Greco is one of my favorite painters, too. When I visited Toledo last year, I was happy to compare my recollection of this painting with the actual landscape and also look down on the house where he lived.

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