JWG (jwg) wrote,

Today at Fenway Park

We went to one of our season's ticket games this afternoon (for some reason several of the so-called night games in our night-game series are day games). It was long, the final score was 18-5 (RS beat the Twins) and there were several notable events. Two or three times an outfielder lost a fly ball in the sun which resulted in hits. There was a fly ball thought to be caught by a Twins outfielder that resulted in a triple play but when the umpires conferred they over-ruled the call and it was a hit; the end result was a 7 run inning. The replays that I saw after we got home (they never show them on the field) showed that the ball did hot the ground first so the umpires got it right.

I also speculated as to what baseball would be like on the moon - played in a dome with enough air so that the players didn't have to wear space suits. What would the impact of gravity be? I did email a U Illnois professor who has written lots. They've gone to Japan, why not the moon?

Prior to the game in addition to the usual mascot, Wally the Green Monster, who arrived in 1997 there were two new-to-us mascots - a left and a right red sock who I read are Wally's friends.

Let's see if these show up.


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