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Johnson and Wales Culinary Museum

One of the things we did at motss.con.xxi is to go visit the Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts Museum in Providence. Johnson & Wales is a university which among other things has a Culinary College.

At this museum they have exhibits of early kitchens, diners, decorative orange crates, utensils, cooking-art creations by students, and a bunch of other such things. It was quite interesting and well worth a trip to see this extensive exhibition. Out in the entrance hall they have a few people made out of utensils to greet you.

We were led around by a guide, who said her expertise was Criminal Justice (I think not a J&W major), but knew lots about the exhibits.

I wonder how well these baseball themed lemons sold?

A cartoon from Colliers Magazine on the history of BBQ:

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That kitchen golem looks the stuff of nightmares. Was it animatronic?

Worse than you suspect; there were three of them.

As jss1113 notes, there were actually three of them (representing a chef, a waitress, and a bartender), but no, they were stationary.

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