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I didn't cause another bridge to collapse

Last year on August 1 we were canoeing down the Annisquam River in Gloucester and I looked up at the A Piatt Andrews bridge (Rte 128) and noticed what bad shape was in. Several hours later later when looking at the internet I noticed that the Minneapolis I35W bridge had collapsed killiung and injuring many people.

Yesterday on August 1 we canoed under it again (they haven't started the construction effort to fix it yet) so it looks equally bad. As far as I can tell no other bridges collapsed yesterday.

Painting by Henry Kaplan - Courtesy of the Kaplan Gallery

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By the way, in case anyone was wondering, it was complete coincidence that we canoed under the bridge on August 1 two years in a row.

Ah, but now it's a tradition!

I think it's more like a conspiracy.

A tradition that will depend entirely on the weather and our schedules on future August 1sts.

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