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Yesterday I saw a mouse in the kitchen on the stove (nothing was cooking at the time). This confirms that the little black specks are mouse shit and not caraway seeds. I checked the two traps under the stove and they both had dead mice in them. I don't know how long they've been there. They are the kind that entrap the mouse inside and are supposed to be discarded when done. In the past I tried old fashioned traps but they seemed to just be mouse feeding stations since the cheese or the peanut butter disappeared each day.

Last night I had a long discussion with Burningbright and Daniel, our two tigers, who were watching the Sox game with us about their responsibility as cats. They claimed that it was Miss Griggles' (a more classic cat) responsibility but I explained that with her exalted status she was exempt and besides she was currently upstairs where there are no mice. They also protested that why were we picking on them when there were many other cats? I tried a bit of torture as a means to convince them otherwise but it had no impact whatsover. This morning Xerxes, one or our lions, said that Guinevere, our long deceased cat, had explained to them that mice were her territory and no-one was to interfere and this lesson had stuck.

So, I guess I'll have to buy some more traps today.

A Google search about traps revealed this clever trapless solution which is from our very own chrisglass.

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