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Annual Camping trip

This past weekend I went on the almost annual camping trip with a bunch of dancing friends. This time we went to Wilgus State Park (VT). I've been to quite a few Vermont State Parks and this was pretty different. It wasn't deep in the woods but instead it was small, long and narrow and on the edge of the Connecticut River. We had the Group Camp site which had 3 shelters, 3 fireplaces, 4 tables, lots of space and was isolated from the rest of the park. There wer lots of very tall pines and oaks (acorns dropped frquently) At the edge of our site there was a steep bank down about 40 feet to the river and view was very nice. The only down side was you could hear traffic noise from the nearby highway but it wasn't bad. And this place had Verizon cell access so I could keep up with baseball results. It rained a bit early saturday night (I wasn't there then) but there was plenty of shelter (some brought) so every one stayed dry. I enjoyed the sounds of the dripping rain and acorns on my tent that night.

I brought my assigned food (especially fish and corn), my splitting maul and a hatchet, some kindling which is sometimes hard to find on these sites, some pots and grills, tongs, plus my tent sleeping bag and clothes and my standard camping kit.

There were eleven of us and we all had a great time. On Saturday I was gone for the whole day because I went to a camp reunion (to be described later). The rest of the crowd went to the Saint-Gaudens Memorial which by all accounts was pretty interesting. He was a sculptor and some of his stuff appears on some US gold coins. On Sunday we went canoeing and kayaking on the river. We chose to go upstream which was also against the wind. We stopped on an island in the middle of the river and had lunch snacks there. Was it in Vermont or New Hampshire?

View from my Tent door
View from my tent

Our Camp site
Our Camp site
There was a small group of lesbians at another site who some of us visited. They said there was going to be a volley ball game. I asked if they were going to play and they said only if the gay boys come. I explained that we would probably be quite busy cooking and eating.

Cooking and eating - that's what we do. Dinner friday was mostly stuff people had brought such as the bean/cashew/canteloupe salad I brought - there were lots of fresh vegetables and salad. Breakfasts were apple and peach pancakes, sausages, oatmeal, eggs and vegetables. Dinner saturday was grilled burgers, hot dogs, tuna and sword fish, corn, various vegetables, peach cobbler. Dinner sunday was more burgers and sausages, corn, fish stew (cod and hake), and lots of vegetables. There was lots of coffee including beans and a grinder.

Ah lots of fun.... And probably again next year....
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