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Money laundering

Yesterday when I took the first load of laundry out of the washer to put it in the dryer I saw some 20 dollar bills. I remembered I'd put the cash collected at the English Country Dance in my jeans pocket as I usually do. I took it out to dry. It didn't look like it was all there so I rummaged around the dryer and found a few more bills. When I took the clothes out of the dryer I found another $5 bill.

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In an unrelated event, since it was low tide we went canoeing up the Annisquam River to Wingaersheek Beach. As opposed to the summer when there the beach is full of people and there are lots of boats at the edge of the beach we were the only boat and there were about 10 other people scattered about the beach or wading on the sandbar.

Buoy 23 downtownWe watched a nice sailboat (about a 35 footer whose name I already forgot) carefully tacking up the fairly narrow channel carefully avoiding some of the anchored boats. The helmsman was doing a very skillful job. When canoeing back, this boat was running back to Annisquam harbor. There is no way he could have gone completely up the channel since it is extremely narrow at buoy 25 - perhaps 20 - 30 feet. Dredging is needed; every year they move the buoy a bit closer to the shore. We're at buoy 23 (different version than this one).

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sailboat (about a 35 footer whose name I already forgot)

Teaser X.

(You knew I was going to do that, right?)

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