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Planning Ahead

While reading entries about cooking I am reminded of something that happened to me once while cooking. I was making some brownie-like things from a simple recipe. The first thing I did was to get from my pantry closet some graham crackers and walnuts. I crumbled the graham crackers and chopped the walnuts. Then I went back to the pantry for the next ingredient: chocolate bits.
Oops, there were none. So I trekked out to the nearby Store 24 (tm) and bought a package. I came home opened them up and put them in the bowl with the rest of the stuff. Then I went back to the pantry for the next ingredient: a can of condensed milk.
And you guessed it; there was none. So back to the store for some of that. This time I went with confidence knowing that it wouldn't happen again since this was the last ingredient - I said it was a simple recipe.
I know the Joy of Cooking says to take out all the ingredients first. But what does the Joy of Home Repair say? Who else has made 3 trips to the hardware store to complete a moderately simple task?

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