JWG (jwg) wrote,

Bizarre dream

I had this very bizarre dream on friday night with a hodge-podge of things from 50 years ago to the present.

I was supposed to be making a presentation at a Honeywell Users Group conference (I used to do this in 1985-1988). I didn't know what the subject was and when I went to the computer to access the paper I'd written, the keyboard which looked pretty odd didn't have a browser button so I couldn't find anything. I was all confused about arranging for flying to Phoenix for the meeting and then when I went to find my shoes I could only find one of each pair. The shoes were in the closet of the apartment I lived in with my parents until 1956 but the shoes were the actual ones that are lying on the floor now. I realized that I couldn't prepare my slides on the plane because the battery on my laptop is essentially dead (true for my current laptop).
Tags: nostalgia, personal
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