JWG (jwg) wrote,

Canoeing to Goose Cove

This afternoon we canoed up the Annisquam River to Goose Cove. We chose to go at high tide since that is the only time it is easy to get into and out of Goose Cove in the narrow place under Rt 127. There was someone fishing - as we reached the spot he had just reeled in a fish which he unhooked and threw back. I asked him and he said it was 24" and was a Striper; I don't know why he didn't keep it. We had the wind against us but no tide to worry about. Conveniently this wasn't one of those times when the wind changed to be against us on return. The tide was against us on the way back and I tested the wind vs. the tide and the tide was a bit stronger. Still, it was still much easier returning. Since it is after Labor Day and a weekday there was essentially no boat traffic although we did again see Teaser X running with the wind - and the channel is wide enough at high tide so that he could tack back OK.

Google Maps showing the route
Tags: gloucester

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