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The first cherry tomato was ready to eat - it's a Sungold

First Tomato

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Mmmmm.... Sungolds are my favorite kind of tomato.
I never find sungold tomato plants in the spring, though, so I end up relying on farmer's markets and the Weston organic farm, Land Sake.

We grow them from seed. It's hard to find cherry tomato plants of any kind in nurseries, IME.

There are a couple of varieties I've seen, but not many.
I've not looked for seed before (since I'm doing container gardening on a porch); are the sungold seeds reasonably easily available?

Re: cherry tomatoes

Actually, it turns out these are Sun Sugar rather than Sungold; we got them from Pinetree Garden Seeds (in Maine), which is where we've gotten Sungolds in the past. My guess (I don't remember for sure) is that they were listed with the notation "replaces Sungold" or some such in this year's catalogue. I think some of the big seed houses like Burpee or Park have gold cherries of some sort as well, but I like Pinetree for veggies because (1) they have varieties that a lot of the other places don't and (2) they're noticeably cheaper, partly I'm sure because they don't produce multiple editions of big glossy catalogues every year.

If you want to do tomatoes from seed in this latitude, of course, you have to start them indoors. A grow-light is a useful investment in this case.

Re: cherry tomatoes

Starting tomatoes from seed... unfortunately, I doubt I could figure out where to put them indoors, not to mention the grow light, in my rather smallish apartment. Sigh.
For my next place, however...

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