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Cape Ann Crops

Rock pile from digging lettuce bed

We just dug a new 3'x 8' lettuce bed, tilled in some compost and extra topsoil and surrounded it with landscape timbers. This being New England we harvested a good crop of rocks - only one monster. Let's see - 3 x 8 at 1 foot deep is 24 cubic feet and we got about 4 cubic feet of rocks. I'm, sure new ones will grow in the few years.

Newly dug Lettuce Bed

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isn't this the place you're going to bury the body? You CERTainly need the rocks out of the way if you're burying bodies.

I wasn't present when this picture was taken. I'm impressed (or something) that jwg actually moved the big rock a couple of feet so he could get it in the first shot.

I am impressed.

It almost makes me want to start diggning around in our yard.


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