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tools of the trade

Today I was cleaning up a woodpile that had some tree fragments from a wild cherry I'd cut down several years ago. Rotting had already set in - there were lots of beetles in the wood. So I pared away some of the rotting bark and outer layers of wood with my trusty hatchet and then split them with my splitting wedge. Now they are under shelter waiting to dry out for burning.

I've had this hatchet for a long time - over 50 years. I got it at a yard sale or junk store so who knows how old it is. I think I replaced the handle once and certainly replaced the handle wedges. I used to use it on camping trips and still do - otherwise it is just around for occasional tasks and lives in this block of wood that is sitting in the garage. It is somewhat rusty and the handle is a bit rough but it'll do.

I have a scar on my right hand that I got once when "testing" the sharpness of the hatchet. It too is early vintage; it still shows although barely.


right hand with scar