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Bed Time - with some difficulty

Last night when it was time to go to bed, I found this little problem. We'd brought everyone down from Gloucester and as is the custom they all get to sleep with us for one night. It was a restless night.

Bed time with people

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I bet they are lumpy to sleep on too.

Yeah, kind of. As it turns out, we found several of them on the floor this morning, so I guess they had a restless night as well.

I'm sort of unsure what to say here.

Could you maybe let them sleep with you in smaller groups, rather than all at once? Or would they whine and get jealous?

They would whine and get jealous, and since they ignore the Lights Out No Talking rule it would be quite noisy. They have already dispersed to some extent.

I think maybe it's time some of them struck out on their own.

That is what they normally do. But the first night after we've officially changed houses has always been special.

so what IS the total population when all are present and accounted for?

52, but 3 bluebirds are attached to their nest so perhaps it is 49.

HWMBO took a look at the picture and said, "But they don't have a panda bear. Our bed is cuter." We have put about 8 or 10 in the guest room and a few in our bookcase, and about 15 in our bed. I find if you put them behind the pillow next to the headboard they're fairly content.

I have a vast number of winnie-the-pooh characters hanging about my place, courtesy of divers friends - from an Eeyore that is the size of a 2yr old human child, to a Roo that is, well, tiny. The senior animal, who [more or less] keeps the others in line is Uncle Robert (Owl's Uncle Robert, a portrait of whom was above Owl's fireplace, but ended up underneath Winnie-the-Pooh when Owl's house had verticality challenges on the blusterous day). Uncle Robert has a tweed waistcoat, and pince-beak glasses. He looks like Teddy Roosevelt in owl form. Uncanny, really.

and of course, there's always a panda in my bed when it's important. and pandas are innately cute.

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