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Third Floor Renovation 2001 - Before and After

Old Bedroom old bedroom Old Study old study


I/we rsc have lived in this house since 1966 and started thinking about a renovation many years ago that would add a bathroom, some headroom space to the bedroom and study area and have closet space. After several false starts we did it two summers ago. It is amazing how one can procrastinate for so long but there were lots of issues such as how much to do to this 150 year old house, dealing with zoning variations, giving up the deck, etc. One of these days I'll post more about this house and project.

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Hey, you must be tickled pink. That looks like a lovely room!

It is. It feels open and bright and expansive, and it is so incredibly much better than what was there. The steps to get there just looked incredibly painful; they basically sliced the top right off the house and built a new story, but it has ended up being so worth it.

And I don't even live there.

It was a whole lot less painful than it might have been. From everything I've heard and imagined about major house renovations (especially on old houses), we were remarkably lucky.

Having seen the before in person, I can honestly say the after looks fantastic.

I hope I get to see it in person one day as well.

I've been really wishing you and Roy would visit Cambridge so you could see it.

As soon as the SJC makes it legal to marry...

Well, if the MA SJC makes it legal to marry in your state, we'll be there alot sooner than you might imagine. Would you and John like to be our witnesses?

This is one of those things I'm almost afraid to talk about for fear of jinxing it.

No Trading Spaces for you, huh?

I don't know, those walls could use some color.

another of Hildy's self-portraits, perhaps?

It looks like a superb transformation.

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