JWG (jwg) wrote,

Our phone saga

On Thursday we noticed we had no dial tone so I called Verizon and got an appointment for Friday morning. I tried to test the box outside but it was hardwired into the house into a hornets nest of wires (fortunately not hornets). When the tech came and poked around for a while said there was something wrong - went down the street and changed the line in a box and came back to say the central office would have to rewire and it would be done by the end of the day. He commented that the terminal block where the various telephone wires comes in was somewhat corroded.

On Friday at about 5 we came home and found still no dial tone. I called and they said it might be done on Saturday. I called again on Saturday and they said noone was working. I called again and got a supervisor who called further down the line and said that people were working and it would be done by the 5PM. At 5PM still no dial tone.

On Sunday I called and they said noone was working but that someone would come on Monday. I then went down to the basement and noticed that one of the wires on the line from outside was disconnected. I checked the other cable coming into the house for a no longer used line just in case that is what was now live, but it wasn't alive. I decide to replace the terminal strips so after a quick trip to Radio Shack I found voltage on the first line coming in and then proceeded to hook up all the other wires to the 5 extensions through the house. There are still a couple of more wires from other obsolete things. We called to cancel the appointment.

Two big questions:

1) was the original problem a bad line coming in and the loose wire was caused by the tech poking around or was that the problem in the first place?

2) why can't they fix stuff faster and tell you their actual plans. For us this was no emergency since we have cell phones but still... Also when I went to the web site to check my status it was different than what they said when I talked to them. At least when you call you get a person pretty quickly.

I got a text message when on Friday morning to say that they had dispatched a tech and one this afternoon to say that the problem was fixed. A few hours later we got an automated call telling us that it was a problem inside the house.
Tags: house maintenance

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