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Election day 2000

On the day after Election day 2000, we were in this little village in France - Conques staying in a small hotel. Before going on this trip we'd wondered how we'd find who won, Little did we know that no-one would know. On the radio while having breakfast we heard Bush in the midst of some other fast spoken words and it didn't sound as if they said he'd won. Later when we'd driven to Carcasonne where they had CNN on the television we found out what was happening.

The line for voting today at about 1:30 had only about 4 people ahead of me. I was told that this morning it snaked down the stairs in the now empty maze in the lobby. I forgot to check the ballot count when my ballot was scanned.

I sure hope that when I go to bed tonight we'll know the results and I can retire my Obama button with joy.