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two earlier election vignettes

I remember my first election - voting for JFK for president. It was in Stormville, NY. I've never missed voting since then. When I registered, I had brought my MIT diploma to prove literacy, but they didn't look at it and I was disappointed.

In June this year we had just crossed border at Namanga from Tanzania into Kenya and our guides stopped at a bathroom stop/gift shop. Several of the young natives there were eager to talk about how proud they were that a Kenyan was running for the presidency of the US. One said with a broad grin on his face, and my name is Barack too! I'd like to see his face this morning.

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Two perfectly wonderful vignettes. thanks!

What struck me about your memory is that you felt you had to prove literacy to register to vote.

I'm pretty sure that in some states (southern probably) literacy tests were required to keep out the hoi polloi (e.g. blacks).

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