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At the Harvest Ball

Last night the JP Contra Dance had its Annual Harvest Ball. This was the 11th annual one - all organized by our Queen Mum, Chris Ricciotti. It is Victorian style with period contra dances and waltzes. People were fairly dressed up many with tuxes, some improvised costumes, and a few people in street clothes.It commences with an elegant pot-luck supper - what is elegant is the decorated hall, the tables with candles and other decor, and the diners in their finery. The food is pretty good, too. At the break during the dance we have desserts which were quite yummy.

Our band, Spare Parts, and a bit of the decor.

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The Harlot in Scarlet!

(Deleted comment)
The short answer is "jigs and reels". Traditional tunes from many sources -- English, Celtic, Cajun, Appalachian, etc., plus probably some modern "composed" tunes in more-or-less traditional styles.

The Harvest Ball is something of an exceptional event, in that it concentrates on old dances, many of which have specific tunes that go with them.

Another way to find out he answer to this question more directly: go to a dance! There's a series in your neighborhood.

It's great to see pics of you two all dressed with somewhere to go :-)

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