JWG (jwg) wrote,

Chris & John's Wedding - Saturday, Nov 15

Yesterday we went a most fabulous wedding and evening ball to celebrate the marriage of Chris Ricciotti and John Burrows. The wedding took place in the Channing Church, the UU church of Rockland, MA near where they live. The guests were all finely attired in their best - and since most were members of our extended dance community we all looked pretty different from our usual appearance. As are most events organized by Chris it was well scripted. It included brief readings from their parents and other family members. This event took place at the same time as the afternoon Prop8 protest - but it was our own community's affirmation of the issue. The minister told the story of John's involvement several years ago in getting the local state rep to a community meeting at the church when one of the Massachusetts anti-Gay Marriage amendments was at stake which resulted in his changing his position to our side.

After the wedding and a brief reception in the parlor of the church with tea and scones (this time the scones were not made by John - as he usually does this for large events such as at dance camps or the NEFFA food booth) some of us went early to Cushing Hall in Norwell, the place were the Grand Ball was to be held to help setup. (Our job was to bring the sound equipment). The food was organized pot luck and quite delicious with lots of variety and lots of food.

The program included a Grand March, contra dances, English Country dances, the Lancers' Quadrille, some Israeli folk dances, a polka, and some waltzes interspersed with food breaks, toasts and the cake cutting, the Gay Blades Rapper team, and the Abbots Bromley. I was dressed a bit differently than I'd been dressed for the wedding. A good time was had by all at this delightful event for and organized by the lovely couple.

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