JWG (jwg) wrote,

But is it art?

Once in a while I get a copy of Funny Times in the mail - attempting to sell me a subscription. It has lots of cartoons and some odd articles. In the News of the Weird section I ran into this which put me into infinite giggles. I tried about three times to read it to Robert but couldn't get past the first couple of words.
... An unfortunate burst of wind disrupted an outside art installation at the Paul Klee center in Bern, Switzerland, ripping an inflatable exhibit from its moorings and carrying it away. The exhibit, by American Paul McCarthy, was a sculpture entitled "Complex Shit", and the inflatable item was supposed to be a dog dropping the size of a house. Explained the Klee center's website (challengingly), the show features "interweaving, diverse, not to say conflictive emphases and a broad spectrum of items to form a dynamic exchange of parallel and self-eclipsing spatial and temporal zones." ) Or wrote London's Daily Telegraph in broken French, it is "what happens when la merde hits le ventilateur") ...
Tags: humor, oddscene

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