JWG (jwg) wrote,

Last night at the Contra Dance

Last night at the JP gender-role-free contra dance we had a rollicking time. We had a huge number of new people at the dance and the energy was high. We've been doing lots of outreach on Facebook, some local yahoo groups and other GLBT mailing lists and someone also used meetup.com. We told some of the new people to come early and a lot of them did. I did a very brief workshop; homorphus was going to do it but the ice residuals kept him home. Our caller, Sue Rosen, led a couple of circle dances for basic instruction for the brand new dancers and then we off to the regular program which quickly fell to three lines which filled the hall. We've been getting better crowds lately but this was the largest.

This was also live-music-match night. We always pass a bucket to collect extra donations to help pay for musicians and because of some anonymous donations the pot was matched 2 for 1. We do this several dances a year. Lots of more people kick in contributions because of this. These funds are needed because the gat isn't usually enough to cover rent, the caller, and the musicians.

Our band was the BVD, not because of their underwear but their first names were Bruce, Vince, and David. Had they used their last names, the band might have been called ROT (Rosen, O'Donnell, and Titus) and that would have been a misnomer since they were quite good.
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