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a Don't Ask cocktail

I've had this plastic bottle of Findlay's Finest Scotch Whisky lying around for a long time - it was my mother's (she died 1997) so it was aged and I've been thinking about using it up. When we drink scotch it is one of several kinds of single malt which doesn't come in plastic bottles!

I made a quick search on the internet to look at scotch mixed drinks - I looked at a bunch, sort of remembered a few and then went onto the kitchen. I added dry Vermouth (I saw recipes for dry and sweet vermouth but had no sweet vermouth although I considered using Dubonnet), the juice of a lemon, I couldn't find the Grand Marnier (some recipes called for Triple Sec, nor could I find the Angostura Bitters so they weren't added though they were in some of the recipes), the juice of half a lemon and a bit of confectioners sugar and mixed them up with some ice. I measured nothing but used up the scotch which had about 3-4 ounces. When I brought it into rsc I said it's Don't Ask. It was actually OK but of course i can't make it again the same way...

There's another fuller bottle of scotch in Gloucester and I know the Bitters and Grand Marnier are there. So, next summer....

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And to think people were giving *me* a hard time for making fudge out of velveeta cheese.

Did you do this just to use up some velveeta that you'd inherited?

No, I went out and bought it strictly for that purpose.

and you're posting this on the blog so you'll have the recipe available when you're in Gloucester??

really, spirits that come in plastic bottles are good for only one thing - flambe'-ing the plum pudding.

did you know that carbonated beverages don't keep for long in plastic bottles? Ginger ale, say, in an unopened glass bottle will still be fizzy if opened 5, 6 years later. But don't keep it in a plastic bottle more than 6months. The pressurised (CO2) gas slowly diffuses out, and it'll be flat after a year. Soooo ... imagine what eleven years in plastic has done to your Findlay's Finest Paint Thinner Finest Scotch Whiskey.

We don't buy fizzy drinks in plastic bottles. In fact, we don't buy much in the way of fizzy drinks other than quinine ("tonic"), which is not always easy to find in 10 oz. glass.

I'm confused. Is there actually a "Don't Ask" cocktail? It's 8:30 in the morning here and I'm seriously short of caffeine.

I think I would have made a Scotch Sour (seeing as you had the lemon) or a Hot Toddy if it was near bedtime.

All my liquor is in glass, thank God. I have a nip bottle of Vat 69 which I've been considering drinking but am still just considering it.

You should always keep sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters around in case you have the urge to make a Manhattan, or a Rob Roy. I get such urges frequently, but don't succumb often.

I thought I has some Angostura bitters but I couldn't find it. A voice teacher once said it was good at clearing up clogged throats.

I called it Don't Ask because I didn't know the exact recipe and I'd been joking around about doing something with that scotch by mixing it with something or other.

I think it really was more or less a scotch sour. "Don't Ask" was more along the lines of advice.

in case you have the urge to make a Manhattan, or a Rob Roy.

Unlikely. Almost as unlikely as my feeling the urge to drink one.

Oh, well, to each his own, as the lady said when she kissed her cow. There are probably lots of things that you would eat or drink at which I would turn up my nose.

All the more Manhattans for ME!

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