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Space Travel

As a youth I used to like reading Robert Heinlein's novels geared to youth. My favorite was Farmer in the Sky which is about a trip on the Mayflower to Ganymede, one of Jupiter's moons. It was fund to speculate about space travel in those days a few years before it became reality. Oddly, my interest in Science fiction waned and I've rarely read any since that period of my life.

In the January/February issue of Technology Review (the MIT alumni magazine) there is an article about an interview with five individuals (rich ones of course sine the price is now $35 million) who have each occupied the passenger seat in the Soyuz capsule on a trip to the International Space Station. Each person was interviewed separately but the article intersperses the responses as if it was a group interview and since there was so much in common between the five trips it makes a sense and is a good read and is available online as above.

Apparently NASA vets all the communication sent by these tourists - among other things they worry about product promotion. Charles Simonyi reports that they caught what he was writing in a blog entry where he said "Wow the champagne on launch day wasn't that great. The next time I will bring Dom Pérignon."
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