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I am not really a football fan, honest...

Today (Sat) we said we weren't watching any NFL games - it's the first weekend of playoffs and there are two today and two tomorrow.

Sometime this afternoon I said let's check the score and I turned on the TV even though we didn't care who won between the Falcons or the Cardinals (unlike nature, the Cardinals beat the Falcons). Many hours later at about 11:30 we saw the Chargers beat the Colts in overtime; it was an exciting game and I discovered I was rooting for the Chargers (after all it gets pretty tiring to see Peyton Manning in all those dumb commercials so it's nice to see him fail). For spwebdesign it was 4:30 am and well worth staying up to see it.

Tomorrow we are not watching any games!

I did notice that the Tivo is picking up 5 hours of stuff tomorrow night as the holiday hiatus is over.

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Tomorrow we are not watching any games!

Right. So if you suddenly decide you want to know the score of a game in progress, you'll just look it up on the Internet.

Won't you?

You saved me the trouble of a post! :) Oh, yes, it most definitely was well worth staying up to see! I wonder what my neighbours must think of me. I managed to remain quiet until Sproles' game-winning run, at which point I couldn't help but make some happy noises.

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