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Home computers

My first home computer wasn't a computer. In 1967 I got a Model 37 teletype connected to a 150 baud Modem (rented from MA Bell) attached to a private line extension to the PBX in our GE (later Honeywell) office in Cambridge. With this I could dial up to Multics (or at first to CTSS which is what we first used for Multics development) and send email to colleagues on the project and write and run programs. This beast sat right next to my harpsichord! In 1971 Multics was connected to the fledgling ArpaNet and I could communicate with many other people than those at MIT. A bit later the Model 37 was replaced by a Terminet 300 which was twice as fast and much smaller. I used my Multics account at Honeywell/Bull until about 1990 for email, other electronic communication and document preparation and then switched to a Unix system at Bull for this purpose for a while.

In about 1987 I took home a MacPlus that I got from work so that was my first home computer. In 1994 this was later replaced with a 601 PowerPC CPU Mac called Palestrina that I bought along with about a 13 inch monitor. This was my first home computer and it was connected to the internet via dialup. It might still be in a box in my basement.

My main computer was later replaced with a G3 (upgraded to a G4) Mac (the so-called beige) called Ockeghem (not running but on the floor under my desk), later with a G5 iMac named Machaut, and at the end of 2007 with an Intel iMac called Clemens non papa. I also have a 2 cpu G4 called Obrecht which may have been my main computer for a while. I also have a G4 PowerBook bought in 2002 called de la Rue that I use occasionally although the battery is week. The four running Macs are on four separate releases of OS X. de la Rue is next up for replacement.

For a while I had a Dell running Windows ME which died in 2001 and was replaced by a newer Dell running Windows XP - both of these were called Josquin. It has been discarded. The disk image and Windows XP runs under Parallels on Clemens non Papa (and was handy to backup my LJ account the other day). My cell phone (Verizon xV6800) does run Windows but other than that I have no Windows machines that are running.

Because of my consulting with Packard Bell I have also had a PowerBook 603, a NEC laptop, a Compaq laptop, and a Packard Bell desktop. The three laptops are still in a closet. I had another Mac desktop (called Lassus) for a while belonging to a defunct organization that I worked with but it also went to be recycled.

My Network connections went from the private line to work, to dialup modem on a second line that work paid for, to ISDN modem (still have that router lying around), to ComCast. I chose shore.net (now primus) as my provider because they were in Lynn, MA and I could get unlimited service to them from both Gloucester and Cambridge and thus minimize my costs which were now mine since I was no longer a Bull employee.
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