JWG (jwg) wrote,

We are not the target market

OK, we watched the SuperBowl today. It was as it turns out a very exciting game with two changes of winners in the last couple of minutes. It took a whle to figure out who I was rooting for. We ended up rooting for Arizona (who lost) and rsc pointed out that if McCain had won we would definitely have rooted for Pittsburgh.

But, the ads. They were pretty awful. I was surprised at all the movie ads including some movies that aren't opening until June. I don't remember what they were and they all looked like must-not-sees to me. It is sometimes an interesting challenge while watching these ads trying to figure out what they might be advertising.

And we had to watch a bit of Bruce Springsteen, too. Oh well. It was an elaborate show with cheering fans on the field, holding lights as were many of the fans in the stands.
Tags: personal, sports

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