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More civic activism

Today I went to a meeting with the Cambridge Public Library Director, two trustees, and the person who founded the Cambridge Public Library Social Network to talk about some of the possibilities and how to get the administrative entities (they are already members) and the network involved in the most positive way. I couldn't stay for the whole meeting but it was quite productive. There are lots of possibilities. And I expect to get a sneak preview tour of the building under construction soon.

Then I went to the Postal Customer Advisory Council meeting (a bit late). One of the things I have been harping on is more reliable handling of Held mail and they have been making some good procedural changes and working on training the carriers. We got a tour of the sorting room to see what they've done. This cavernous room has a set of mail slots which they used to use for sorting (most of the mail comes to the PO already sorted) and the working tables and bins on the floor where held mail goes. There's a work station for each of the ~50 routes in 02139, 02141 and 02142 (I think those are the right zip codes). It is so primitive - you'd think you were back in 1950 and the mail slots might be that old.

Finally, I went to the GLBT Commission meeting (I chaired it) where we spent a lot of time talking about plans for the response we are having on March 13 when the Westboro Baptist Church Phelps zealots are coming to picket the high school. Our intent is to congregate near the Phelps people but not next to them and attract the onlookers who will certainly come to see this. There'll be signs and other things and other groups will be there. Chris Mason is running a Phelps-a-thon where the money that is raised will go the the GSA and another GLBT organization in the school.
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