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Not your typical front lawn

Front Yard

This is a view of our house in Gloucester from the road. It is getting harder and harder to see the house. We don't cut the grass much and there are lots of wild flowers among the stuff we have planted so we have a pretty nice meadow with cedars, wild cherry trees, a huge pine on the side of the house and various invasive shrubs that are a bit out of control. If it were a bit less humid and there fewer mosquitos I'd do a bit more trimming - for example there is some pink coreopsis almost completely hidden behind some grass.

And its August - from our garden, we had a salad of cherry tomatoes, basil, oregeno thyme, chocolate mint, and some of the remaining unbolted lettuce with Marshall's farm stand corn for dinner tonight. The oil and vinegar was not from the garden.

I planted more lettuce seeds a couple of days ago and they have already sprouted; I also bought some young lettuce plants at the farm stand today so when the rest of the lettuce bolts we will have more (I hope).

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(Deleted comment)
What a perfect way to describe the philosophy/practice of our garden.

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