JWG (jwg) wrote,

at the New England Folk Festival (NEFFA)

This weekend was the New England Folk Festival (NEFFA - the A is for Association). This annual event started in 1944. It takes place in the adjacent Mansfield, MA high and middle schools and at times there are 12 parallel sessions with major dance events in the two gyms. We did a bunch of Contra Dancing and some English Country Dancing - but there were shows, Morris and Sword Dancing outside, and various other things going on as well.

Our Gay and Lesbian dance groups operate a food booth in the cafeteria. Our menu includes pasta with marinara, pesto, butter, or disgusting cheese sauce - with or with out veggie or meat balls; salad; hot dogs; scones, popovers, muffins; croissants (some stuffed); cookies; lemonade, iced tea; hot or cold tea and coffee - and probably something else I forgot. Sam and Chris are the head chefs and organizers and a bunch of volunteers serve and collect money, etc. I worked about 12 hours at setup, take down and serving. We let volunteers choose to which of the various groups to dedicate their share of profits. The food booth is a nice community building event - there were about 30 individuals volunteering during the weekend. The bookkeeping isn't all done, but it looks like we made close to $4,000.

I was quite exhausted - all that standing, dancing and the excessive heat - but it was lots of fun.

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