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Happy Birthday to Robert

Today is Robert's (rsc) birthday.

Soon he will receive the various inane gifts I have obtained. We are in that stage of life where we have too much stuff and don't really need anything, but the tradition must go on. We will celebrate again quietly with a birthday dinner next week at Craigie on Main.

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You're giving him a puppy, right? Right?

No, just an elephant.

(Not what you think -- it doubles as a watering can.)

Fred always wanted one of those... We saw them in The Elephant Walk many years ago...

HB to John!

Bob? (I just added you to my friends list.)

Let me add my heartiest confibularities!

Considering how rarely I play the old one...

Make him play "Happy Birthday" for you. Or reenact a scene from "The Fabulous Baker Boys." If he refuses, he can fly me in to do be your personal birthday piano player. :^)

Happy birthday, by the way!

Hurray, and more happy birthday wishes for him!

"Hippo, birdie, 2 ewes" to him from me!

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