JWG (jwg) wrote,

Dinner at Craigie on Main

Tonight I took Robert rsc to dinner at Craigie on Main in Cambridge as a slightly belated birthday dinner.

It was most excellent. I had Assiette of Three Terrines: Quatre Foies, Fromage de Tete, Lamb Rillettes with a bunch of sauces on the side and Robert had Sweetbreads for our first course. We both had grilled/roasted scallops with clams as our main course that came served with pineapple salsa. For dessert we had a Olive Oil and Taza Chocolate Mousse and Gingerbread Pain Perdu (there was no problem finding the ginger bread). Plus decaf expresso and seven herb tea. They served the tea properly in a nice pot - I've been surprised how poor the tea service is in some very nice restaurants.

I had a Northern Lights which was St. Germain, Scotch, citrus, Bittermens Tiki Bitters (their description also says: Crisp, Smoked Elderflower and Douglas Fir) followed by a glass of Vouvray. I like trying out these weird drinks - is one was good. Robert had a glass Bourgogne Blanc.

We ran into my friend Henrietta Davis (a Cambridge City Councillor) and her husband who were celebrating her birthday at the restaurant.

The prior occupant of this place was La Groceria, a very nice italian restaurant who had been there for many years which occupied the first floor and the second floor also. Before that La Groceria was a tiny little place and above it on the 2nd and third floors was the apartment of the late Marleen Montgomery, the leader of an off beat music school and director of The Quadrivium, an early music performing group that I was a member of for a number of years. Marleen used to hold classes, soirees and workshops in her apartment and was there many times. It used to be wierd later on eating in the upstairs rooms of La Groceria in the very room that used to be used for workshops.
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