JWG (jwg) wrote,

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

We just saw You're a Good Man Charlie Brown at the Gloucester Stage Company. I'd say that it was well done but making a full length musical out of the themes in that splendid strip (which is still being rerun in the Gloucester Daily Times) is a big reach. It was enjoyable (and saved us from watching an ugly Red Sox game).

This theatre is in its 30th year. It was founded by Israel Horowitz - he is no longer the Artistic Director and most seasons including this one have a Horowitz play - often new ones. We've been subscribers from almost the beginning. They do about six plays each summer.

This is a special year for Horowitz - there is a project to perform all 70 of his plays in various places from Mar 31, 2009 to Mar 31, 2010. Mar 31 was his 70th birthday. Pretty nice tribute to some extraordinary achievement. One of his plays, Line, is in its 36th year in an Off Broadway run.
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